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Atelier: Creative Arts and the Social Sciences Network



The Atelier Network brings together researchers, practitioners, teachers and learners in Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) and the School of Social and Political Science (SSPS) at the University of Edinburgh. In doing so, it also brings us closer to external partners, including museums, galleries and collectives across the city.

Atelier’s primary objectives are:

  • To coordinate teaching and research in the arts and social science subject areas within ECA, SPS and other Schools;
  • To create a stronger sense of collective identity in order to drive forward interdisciplinary approaches to research and teaching;
  • To strengthen relationships with practitioners and other institutions to further enhance the impact of our research.


Atelier’s coordinators include:

Our partners include National Museums Scotland, Collective Gallery and Rhubaba.


Visual Culture in Britain

Atelier is the editorial home of the Taylor and Francis Journal, Visual Culture in Britain.

Richard Baxstrom, Angela McClanahan-Simmons and Neil Mulholland co-edit the journal, in collaboration with colleagues Professor Christopher Breward (Principal of ECA) and Dr Jonny Murray (Director of Design Context).

Realizing the Witch: Science, Cinema and the Mastery of the Invisible

The network has hosted an Edinburgh Film Seminar: Roundtable on Realizing the Witch: Science, Cinema and the Mastery of the Invisible, with panellists Jonny Murray, David Sorfa and Richard Baxstrom.

It officially launched on 27 November 2015 with a seminar by artist Christine Borland, In and Around 'Circles of Focus', on her collaborative project with artist Brody Condon exploring human body donation for artistic research and practice.

Still Life with Flying Objects

As part of the Edinburgh Art Festival 2016, Atelier and partner organisation, Rhubaba, presented an in-conversation event within the exhibition Still Life with Flying Objects

In this event, anthropologist Daniel Miller and ECA’s Angela McClanahan speculated on how focusing on material culture can help us to illuminate how objects shape various social, cultural and natural worlds and vice versa.

Further information

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