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Alan Convery

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Senior Lecturer in Politics


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Chrystal Macmillan Building

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15a George Square

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PhD Politics (University of Strathclyde)

MSc Public Policy (University of Strathclyde)

MA Politics and French (University of Glasgow)


Biographical statement

I completed my PhD at Strathclyde University in 2013. My thesis examined the impact of devolution on the Welsh and Scottish Conservative parties. I joined the School of Social and Political Science as a lecturer in September 2013. I previously taught at the universities of Strathclyde and Glasgow. You can follow me @AlanConvery.

I am the Lead Editor of the British Journal of Politics and International Relations and co-convener of the Political Studies Association's Conservatism Studies Specialist Group. I am also a non-professorial member of the University Senate.



Convery, A. and Lundberg, T. (forthcoming) 'Rational Choice Meets the New Politics: Choosing the Scottish Parliament's Electoral System', Government and Opposition (firstview).

Convery, A. (2017) '"There Is No Alternative": Scotland's Curriculum for Excellence and Its Relationship with High Culture', Scottish Affairs 26(2): 176-193.

Convery, A. and Lundberg, T. (2017) 'Decentralization and the Centre Right in the UK and Spain: Central Power and Regional Responsibility', Territory, Politics, Governance 5(4): 388-405.

Convery, A. (2016) The Territorial Conservative Party: Devolution and Party Change in Scotland and Wales. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Convery, A. (2014) 'The 2011 Scottish Conservative Party Leadership Election: Dilemmas for Statewide Parties in Regional Contexts', Parliamentary Affairs 67(2): 306-327.

Convery, A. (2014) 'Devolution and the Limits of Tory Statecraft: The Conservatives in Coalition and Scotland and Wales', Parliamentary Affairs 67(1): 25-44.

Mitchell, J. and Convery, A. (2012) 'Conservative Unionism: Prisoned in Marble' in Torrance, D. (ed.) Whatever Happened to Tory Scotland? Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Other publications

Convery, A. (ed.) (2015) Light Blue: Policy Adventures for Scottish Conservatives.



I convene two honours courses: 'Parliamentary Studies' (a unique course taught in assocation with the Houses of Parliament) and 'British Government'. In 2013-14, 'Parliamentary Studies' was the runner-up for the 'Best Course' prize at the EUSA Teaching Awards.

I have also convened three Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): 'Towards Independence? Understanding Scotland's Referendum' (September 2014); 'Understanding the UK's 2015 General Election' (May 2015); and 'Understanding the 2016 Scottish Parliament Elections' (May 2016).


Public engagement

I am always happy to present my research to wider audiences. I have given talks to parliamentary staff, government officials and school groups. In addition, I have been interviewed in the UK by the BBC (Newsnight, Scotland 2014) and STV (Representing Border), and from the US by CNN during their coverage of the Scottish independence referendum.


Recent blog posts

Future of the UK and Scotland Blog Post 'A New Direction for the Scottish Conservatives on Devolution?' July 2014

LSE British Politics and Policy Blog Post 'Four Reasons a Scottsh Conservative Might Vote 'Yes'' February 2014

YouTube Interview about the future of the Scottish Conservative Party with Dr Richard Hayton at PSA Conservatives and Conservatism Specialist Group Conference, June 2012.

LSE British Politics and Policy Blog Post, 'The Prime Minister has no Scottish strategy and is at the mercy of events', July 2012.

Research interests

Research interests

Britain, Multi-level party politics, British politics, Conservative Party, Conservative politics, Scottish politics, Welsh politics

My research interests are in broadly three areas: conservatism and the UK Conservative Party (especially in Scotland and Wales); territorial politics and public policy; and British, Scottish and Welsh politics.

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