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Kieran Oberman

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Senior Lecturer in Politics


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Chrystal Macmillan Building

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I joined Edinburgh University in September 2013. I obtained my DPhil in Politics from Oxford University and have since held positions at the University of Louvain, Stanford University, the Asian University for Women and University College Dublin

I write aricles for public forum websites such as the World Economic Forum and OpenDemocracy. These articles seek to apply ideas from political philosophy to contemporary public affairs. Edinburgh is a fantastic place to do political theory. If you are considering studying for a PhD in political theory at Edinburgh or simply wish to find out more please see our website

A list of publications is below. If you have trouble getting hold of anything, please get in touch with me via email.


  • DPhil Politics (Oxford)
  • MPhil Politics (Oxford)
  • BA Politics (Swansea)


There are four open access articles below. In their case, you can click "PDF" for direct download. If you have trouble getting hold of any other article, please contact me by email.

Working Papers

To download/view my working papers please go to my page or my SSRN page.

Research interests

Research interests

Political theory, Political philosophy, Global justice, Just War theory, Immigration, Immigration and asylum policy, Distributive justice, Social justice

PhD Superversion

I am happy to supervise students working in contemporary political theory, particularly on distributive justice, egalitarianism, immigration, territorial rights, just war theory and global poverty.  For further information see

If you are interested in being supervised by Kieran Oberman, please see the link below for more information:

Staff Hours and Guidance

From 2019-2021 I will be carrying out research on migration ethics with the support of a Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship. Sadly this means that I will not be available to supervise theses and will not be holding office hours.