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Rishabh Raghavan

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PhD title: Criminal Power: Energy Infrastructures and Legislation in Tamil Nadu


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My research project aims to identify and explore the relationships between diverse actors and everyday infrastructures and networks of electricity, asking when in particular such interactions are understood to be illicit, illegitimate or/and criminal. Through extended qualitative research methods with actors involved in different negotiations of electricity and its infrastructures (Thermal power plants) in Chennai and other locations in Tamil Nadu, India, the project attempts to articulate the socio-material politics associated with legitimising and resisting electricity infrastructures in the state. Thus, the project will also explore the translation of legal frameworks that interact with electricity and its infrastructures, exploring the organization of people and things that are attached to the same.

At present, I'm following labour rights activists, labour unions, environmental activists and anti-corruption groups that identify large scale energy infrastructure projects as sites of plural illegalities.

I'm supervised by Dr Jamie Cross and Dr Lotte Hoek.

Research interests

Research interests

Citizenship, Criminality, Bureaucracy, Police, Energy & Infrastructure, illegality, thermal power plants, Tamil Nadu

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