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Professor of South Asian and Comparative Politics, Head of Politics and International Relations

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  • Licentiaat Politieke Wetenschappen (KULeuven)
  • MA International Relations (ULBruxelles)
  • D.Phil Politics, St Antony's College (University of Oxford)

Course convenor (2021-22)

  • Understanding Indian Politics (honours, semester 2)

Contribute to following courses: 

  • PIR1a (UG year 1, semester 1)  
  • South Asia: Culture, Politics and the Economy (UG Honours) 

Biographical statement

Wilfried Swenden is Professor of South Asian and Comparative Politics. He hails from Belgium where he completed undergraduate studies in Political Science (Leuven) and International Relations (Bruxelles). He completed his D.Phil (University of Oxford) followed by a post-doctoral fellowship in Leuven, funded by the Flemish Fund of Scientific Research (FWO). He moved to the University of Edinburgh in 2004. Between 2015 and 2018 he was Co-Director of the Centre for South Asian Studies at the university. 

Wilfried has worked extensively on multi-level governance and federalism. Although his earlier publications focus on federalism in Western Europe (and Australia), since 2011 he has developed a strong interest in South Asian Politics, which is now his main geographical focus of research. His current research interests are situated in the following three areas: (1) the comparative study of constitutional dynamics and intergovernmental relations in federal states, especially India  (2) multi-level party systems and territorial party politics, in particular the organization and strategies of statewide parties in a multi-level context; (3) the strength and weaknesses of territorial management for governing divided societies and their comparison with other strategies for conflict management, especially in India and South Asia. 

Wilfried currently coordinates a British Academy-GRCF collaborative grant on COVID-19 and the South Asian State (2021-2023) involving colleagues from Gothenburg, Delhi, IIT Hyderabad and Jaffna (Sri Lanka) to study the effect of COVID-19 on worker rights in India (Delhi, Kerala) and Sri Lanka. Prior to that he completed a Leverhulme International network on Continuity and Change in Indian Federalism (2014-17)  involving three UK and three India-based universities. Apart from his BA and Leverhulme funded work, previous research has been supported by the Economic and Social Research Council, the Flemish Fund for Scientific Research, the University of Edinburgh Global Innovation Fund and the Hayter Fund. He has published two monographs, six edited collections and (co-) authored several articles, which appeared among others in the British Journal of Politics and International Relations, Comparative European Politics, the European Journal of Political Research, Government and Opposition, India Review, the International Political Science Review, the Journal of Common Market Studies, Party Politics, Publius: the Journal of Federalism, Regional & Federal Studies, Regional Studies, Seminar, Territory, Politics and Governance, the Swiss Political Science Review and West European Politics.

Wilfried served as the editor of Regional and Federal Studies from January 2008 until December 2015 and as Managing Editor from January 2016 until May 2018. Since July 2018 he is the South Asia editor for the Asian Journal of Political Science. Between 2007 and 2013, Wilfried co-convened the ECPR Standing Group on Federalism and Regionalism, the largest European network in the field of territorial politics. Between 2012 and 2016 he was also Vice-Chair of IPSA RC28, the Research Committee on Comparative Federalism and Multi-Level Governance of the International Political Science Association. 

Forthcoming and recent publications include

Wilfried Swenden and Katharine Adeney (2021), 'Federalism and Democracy in India: mutually reinforcing?' in Arthur Benz and Jared Sonnicksen, eds., Federal Democracies at Work: varieties of complex government (Toronto: University of Toronto Press) 

Wilfried Swenden and Rekha Saxena (2021), 'Policing the Federalism. The Supreme Court and Judicial Federalism in India', Territory, Politics & Governance, Early View 

Daniel Cetrà and Wilfried Swenden (2021) 'State Nationalism and Territorial Accommodation in Spain and India', Regional and Federal Studies31, (1), 115-137

Chanchal Kumar Sharma and Wilfried Swenden (2020), 'Economic Governance: does it make or break a Dominant Party Equilibrium? The case of India', International Political Science Review, 41, (3), 451-65

Wilfried Swenden and Rekha Saxena, (2020), 'Environmental Competencies in India's Federal System' in Ciecierska-Holmes, Natalia, Jörgensen, Kirsten, Ollier, Lana Laura and D. Raghunandan, eds., Environmental Policy in India (New York/London: Routledge), 17-38

Katharine Adeney and Wilfried Swenden (2019), 'Power-Sharing in the World's Largest Democracy. Informal Consociationalism in India (and its Decline?), Swiss Political Science Review25, (4), 450-75

Arjan Schakel, Chanchal Kumar Sharma and Wilfried Swenden (2019), 'India after the 2014 General Elections. BJP Dominance and the Crisis of the Third Party System,' Regional and Federal Studies, 29, 3, 329-354 

Wilfried Swenden (2019), 'Team India and the NITI Aayog' in Aiyar Yamini and Louise Tillin, eds. The Union and the States. A symposium on the Changing Federal Dynamic of India', Seminar717, May, 28-33

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Wilfried Swenden (2016), 'Centre-State Bargaining and Territorial Accommodation: Evidence from India' in Hechter, M., Mueller, S. and Siroky, D., eds., 'Federalism, Nationalism and Democracy', special issue, Swiss Political Science Review4, 491-515

Wilfried Swenden (2016), 'Centre-State Relations in India: Contemporary Issues and Challenges' in The Territories and States of India 2016, Europe Territories of the World, 3rd edition (London: Routledge), 14-28 

Wilfried Swenden (2016), 'India and the unfinished business of accommodating ethnic diversity' in Gorringe, H., Jeffery, R. and Waghmore S, eds., Institutionalizating Marginal Practices in South Asia. Processes, Practicies, Politcies and Pitfalls (Delhi: Sage), 245-80

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Earlier publications include

Wilfried Swenden, Federalism and Regionalism in Western Europe : a comparative and thematic analysis (Basingstoke : Palgrave 2006). A Japanese translation with a new preface was published in 2010

Wilfried Swenden, Federalism and Second Chambers: Regional representation in parliamentary federations. The German Bundesrat and Australian Senate Compared (Brussels : PIE-Peter Lang, Federalism and Regionalism Series, No.2)

W. Swenden and M.T. Jans (2006), 'Will it Stay or will it Go? Federalism and the Sustainability of Belgium', West European Politics, vol.29 (5), 2006, 877-894;

Robertas Pogorelis, Bart Maddens, Wilfried Swenden and Elodie Fabre , (2005) 'Issue Salience in Regional and National Party Manifestoes in the UK ', West European Politics , vol.28, no.3, 992-1014

Wilfried Swenden (2005), 'What - if anything - can the European Union learn from Belgian federalism and vice versa?' Regional and Federal Studies, vol.15, no.2, pp. 187-205

Wilfried Swenden (2004), 'Is the European Union in need of a Competence Catalogue? Insights from Comparative Federalism', Journal of Common Market Studies , 42, (2), pp. 371-392.

Wilfried Swenden (2002), 'Asymmetric Federalism and Coalition-Making in Belgium', Publius: the Journal of Federalism , vol.32, No.3, pp. 67-87


Research interests

Research interests

  • Comparative federalism and territorial politics
  • Intergovernmental relations in multi-level states
  • Organization and strategy of parties in a multi-level setting
  • Institutional engineering for divided societies, especially in South Asia 
  • centre-state relations in India and Indian party politics

Research day


Research supervision

Wilfried welcomes PhD proposals on (1) the territorial dimension of party politics, especially in India (2) constitutional reform and intergovernmental relations in multi-level polities (3) the capacity of federalism or regionalism to regulate conflict in divided societies and its comparison with other conflict regulating institutions for divided societies (particularly in South Asia) 

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Monday: 2-4 pm (via MS Teams) 

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