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Skills Coaching


'You at the Centre'

All students in SSPS are eligible for 1-1 skills coaching with the School's coaching team.

Skills coaching provides focussed discussion tailored to your career aspirations. Coaches help you identify steps to achieve your goals. PhD students can access coaching around a wide variety of topics including structuring your research, managing time, building networks and the writing process.

Our coaching model features 'You at the Centre'. We place your development at the heart of each session. Coaches are trained to listen and observe, asking questions to encourage strategic thinking.

Coaching available:

  • PhD students registered on the SPS Researcher Development Award
  • Students can book one-off sessions focussed on specific skills (sessions will be advertised and must be booked in advance)

What to expect at a coaching session

Your coach will spend more time listening than talking. You should come to your session prepared to talk about your development goals. Coaching sessions build on the rapport between coach and coachee. To make the most of your session, it's worth preparing in advance the skills development that you want to discuss. The session will last approximately 1 hour. 

Your coach will ask questions to help you plan the next steps of your development journey. Your coach will not tell you what to do, but will listen, question and summarise as you discuss your goals.

Interested in booking an appointment? Get in touch with the SDO to book your 1-2-1 skills coaching session: 

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