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While university life is full of exciting opportunities, it can also be an overwhelming time. There is a wide range of health and wellbeing services provided by the University and throughout Edinburgh to support your physical and mental wellbeing.

If you require out-of-hours support (University office hours are 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday) please find details here.

The Advice Place

The Advice Place has trained academic and welfare advisors who can assist students with anything from problems with their landlord to support with academic appeals. 

University Health Centre

For all matters relating to physical and mental health, there is an on-campus, health centre operated by independent General Practitioners on behalf of the National Health Service (NHS). Students should consider registering with this, or another local general practice for the duration of their studies.

Student Counselling

The University offers free and confidential counselling services to help students work through any difficulties, understanding themselves better and finding ways of managing their situation.

Student Disability Service

The University offers support for students with disabilities, specific needs or a specific learning difficulties. Students with disabilities should contact the Disability Service as soon as possible after they arrive to discuss their requirements. Please note that learning difficulties and disabilities cannot be used as a reason to change course deadlines and regulations without a Learning Profile provided by the Disability Service.

Chaplaincy Centre

The University's Chaplaincy Centre provides a meeting place for groups and individuals of all faiths and none. The Chaplain, and our team of multi-faith honorary chaplains, offer support and guidance to all students and a Listening Service for pastoral support.

English Language Support

The English Language Education department of the University of Edinburgh offers a range of support and resources for students wanting to improve their English language skills before they arrive, throughout the year or during the dissertation writing period.


Togetherall is an online mental health and wellbeing service offering self-help programmes, creative outlets and a supportive community.

Student Immigration Service

The University's Student Immigration Service provides expert advice and guidance on all matters related to visas and Confirmation of Studies (CAS).

Extensions and Special Circumstances

We are committed to supporting you during your studies and want to make sure there’s nothing preventing you from succeeding in your assessments. We know that sometimes things can happen in your life which are beyond your control, but that you feel may have an adverse impact on your academic performance.

Therefore, we have a dedicated Extensions and Special Circumstances service offering assessment support so that if you need to, you can apply for:

  • extra time to which you are entitled via a learning adjustment 
  • an extension (for a maximum of seven calendar days) 
  • or special circumstances (when circumstances have meant a significant impact on your performance, or resulted in non-attendance or non-submission for an assessment)

Extensions and Learning Adjustments

How to apply for a coursework extension.

How to access your learning adjustment.

Special Circumstances

Your programme director or personal tutor (PT) and student support officer (SSO) are your first points of contact if you are considering making an application for Special Circumstances. They can give you advice, guidance and direction to other University Services, such as Counselling and Disability and can assist you with your application.

Apply for Special Circumstances 


Authorised Interruption of Study

A student experiencing difficulties in their personal circumstances which make them unable to study may apply for an interruption of study.  During an interruption, a student pauses their study at the University, usually for a year or a semester in the case of taught students, and restarts at the same point following the period of interruption. Interruptions of study may not be applied retrospectively. 

Interruption of study applications are approved by Schools and Colleges. A student who wants to apply for an interruption of study, should complete an application with the help and support of their Personal Tutor and Student Support Officer or PhD Supervisor. PhD students must follow this process.

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